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Greeks in Dublin


Kalimera! I’m heading off to Greece this afternoon, so I’m reminded of the beautiful Greek element in Dublin. They even have their own Facebook page, The Irish-Greek Community of Dublin. Many Greeks are members of the Greek Orthodox church which was first established in Dublin in 1981, and today the church serves Greek immigrants and Irish-born converts alike. There’s the intimate Church of the Annunciation in Arbour Hill with Father Tom where the parishioners say the Lord’s prayer in five languages, including Irish. And after the liturgy, there’s tea with Cretan honey and coffee frappes. And then Dimitri and Dimitri drive me home.

And to make you feel as if you were actually dining on a Greek island, there is Mykonos Taverna on Dame Street with its Greek owner Adam, and its authentic, amazing cuisine. The wine, the tzatziki, the feta, the baklava…I could go on, but prepei na fygu, I have a plane to catch. I’ll let you know how the trip goes. Nasa kala!

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