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Five Reasons Why I’m Happy To Be in Dublin


Unfettered loaves of brown bread

E.M. Forster said, “Only connect.” Two words to live by, indeed. In fact, it’s my own personal mantra. I find that it seems much easier to connect when I’m traveling, but it’s one of those conundrums in life – do I act differently because I’m in a new city, or does the new city make me act differently?  Either way, for me Dublin is the friendliest city in the world. And I’m happy to learn that a lot of people agree with me. A survey by readers of Travel + Leisure have voted Dublin as the third friendliest city in the world with Galway, a gorgeous city on the west coast of Ireland, and Charleston, South Carolina as the first and the second friendliest.

I’m back in Dublin for three days now, and I’m happy to find that the friendliness lives on. I arrive in town at seven Sunday morning with only the street cleaners for company. I ask them where Crow Street is and they point and say, “Just down there.” They want to know where I’m from and when I say Philadelphia, they ask, “Is it dear there?” meaning is it expensive. I try to find Crow Street “just down there”, but with no luck. A lone wolf munching on fish and chips passes just by me, and as he does his chips get away from him. We say, “Oh no!” together. Then he adds, “Ah, it’s grand – I still have four left!” And when I ask him where Crow Street is he insists on helping me even though his food is getting colder by the minute. And so he looks it up on his phone and sends me down the right path. And I know for sure now why I keep coming back to Dublin.

5 Reasons Why I’m Happy to Be Back in Dublin:

1. The Dubliners are more than happy to help out a stranger.

2. Christmas lights are already up on Grafton Street.

3. I can buy a loaf of brown bread in Fallon and Byrne for 2 euros.

4. Pumpkins are everywhere. There’s a giant one on display at Fallon and Byrne and if you guess the weight you receive a free dinner for two.

5. I can walk around for hours and always find something new.


Pumpkins galore

3 thoughts on “Five Reasons Why I’m Happy To Be in Dublin

  1. Mary O'Donnell

    Dear KAthy, I believe you will enjoy 30 days worth of joy in Dublin in your 72 hours.
    Be well and may the Crow rise to meet you
    Thank you- I love Sunday mornings!