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Why Dublin over any other city in the world? Quite simply, the people…Dubliners. And when the trip is over, isn’t that what we really remember and cherish the most, the people we’ve met along the long and winding road of travel and adventure? In my experience, Dubs are almost universally polite, kind, friendly, helpful, generous, fun, funny, and thoughtful, in every sense of the word. When my cousin Susie asked an older woman where we could get Alex and Ani bracelets, the kind soul personally escorted us to Arnott’s. After my landlord and I met, he invited me to two dinner parties, lunch, and drinks after work. He also gave me advice on men…priceless stuff. And my favorite story of kindness once again involves cousin Susie. Susie, cousin Debbie, and I were having drinks in the hotel near my apartment when Susie left for a few minutes and came back with two sets of sheets. She had told the gentleman at the reception desk that we were new in town and didn’t have enough linens at our apartment. He walked away for a moment and came back with the sheets. He said, “They’re yours just as long as you don’t tell anyone and you don’t bring them back.” (Sorry, but I just had to tell someone.) In short, it’s the Irish sensibility, the world famous Irish sensibility, that makes me and millions like me, want to be Irish. It’s the gift of gab, the few glasses of chat, the self-depricating sense of humor, the charm, the craic, that has brought me and other kindred spirits back again and again to a small city that offers  endless possibilities.


The River Liffey

A city where as a woman traveling alone, I have long ago stopped bringing a book along with me as armor. (And also, the men are, on the whole, rather good looking and they dress really well too.)


14 thoughts on “Dubliners

  1. Deb K

    Sounds like you have a group forming! I have never been, and hope to get there during the summer of 2017. I will have to hit up for all of the must see places, and the little know jewels.

  2. Andrea Snedegar

    Can’t wait to join you on one of your adventures, Kathy!!! Well done…I look forward to hearing about future trips.

  3. Gail Page

    Just love your blog! After reading this, I’m anxious to travel to Ireland someday. Looking at our friend Jane’s pictures of her recent trip (you may have inspired her to re-visit, since she’s been wanting to return since she was 19) has sparked an interest! I love hearing your stories each time you return from a trip……

  4. Gail Page

    Fun times in Iteland! After hearing Jane’s recent Irish adventures that you, undoubtedly may have inspired her to re-live from her travels at 19, I’m anxious to see Ireland some day soon. In the meantime it’s fun to read your blogs and hear your stories each time you return. They always get better!

  5. Mary O'Donnell

    what a marvelous opening page to the Life and Times of living in Dublin with Dubliners!
    I love it and cannot wait to continue on this Journey of the Emerals Isle.
    Thank you Kathy.