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“Do You Know Any Norwegians?”

The days are getting longer now. It’s late evening and strips of pink divide the dark indigo clouds that have surrounded the city all day. Today was what the Irish call a “soft day” – a day when the rain hovers and lingers in the air as mist. I didn’t mind. And so, yes, I am still writing to you with love from Dublin.

Last Sunday I went to the Greek Orthodox Church and I met a nice man from Georgia – and I’m not talking about Atlanta! As I was leaving to walk home, I noticed that he was across the street in his Jeep. He immediately pulled up to the curb and offered me a ride home. I jumped in. He tried to explain in broken English that before he could take me home, he had to make a stop…at the butcher shop to pick up chicken legs. (I’m not kidding.) And we did stop. It was on a small street off of O’Connell and a huge neon sign was flashing, “BUTCHER”. He went in and came out within minutes which led me to wonder if he has a standing Sunday order for chicken legs. He started to tell me about the different prices for chicken legs around the city, but I was having a tough time understanding – in more ways than one. I was trying my best, but by the end of the ride I found myself saying things like, “Oh look, the sun is coming out.” When I got back to my apartment, I called my cousin Susie who has the fantastic job of listening to all of my stories. She said, “Well, did you offer to cook the chicken legs?”

Last night I went to a rotary meeting and met a nice man from Wicklow. He is Irish, but he was raised on a farm in Kenya. After the Kenyan government seized the farm, his family returned to their homeland. When I ask him if he lives near Daniel Day-Lewis, he tells me that actually the Day-Lewis family are neighbors and friends of his. (Well of course they are.) And then he invites me to visit him and his wife at their house in the Wicklow Mountains. He tells me that I can stay in their little cottage out back. He tells me about the Glendalough Hermitage, a gorgeous spiritual retreat near the lake. I want to go there.

Last week my Dublin International Book Club met at a member’s house for a waffle party. The waffles were thin and buttery and came with fresh whipped cream and powdered sugar. We watched a movie from the Basque region of France. We discussed books and our need for a new member from Scandinavia. Our quest has given me a new opening line that I really enjoy saying, maybe a little too much…”Do you know any Norwegians?” (Seriously though, we’re sincerely searching for Norwegians.)

My new yoga teacher at the Dublin Holistic Centre is Art McHeart. Art McHeart just got back from Thailand. We’ve discovered that we share the same passion – getting “groovy” back into the vernacular. I’ve canceled all upcoming therapy appointments.

As you can probably tell, I could go on for quite a while about the interesting people I’ve met and the fantastic things that have happened to me. But some of those things should probably stay safely in my diary. So instead I’ll make a short list of some of the things that I love about Dublin here and now.

1. The Oak Pub (and a barman named Tom Shine)


Shelter from the cold at The Oak












2. The Dublin International Book Club


“But seriously, do you know any Norwegians?’









3. Murphy’s Ice Cream


Caramelized brown bread and Dingle sea salt ice cream













4. Grafton Street


Grafton Street from a roof top cafe








5. Queen of Tarts


Brioche French toast with blueberries








6. Dublin Castle


There’s a castle across the street.








7. Considered cafe



The best Cappuccino in town (this week).


6 thoughts on ““Do You Know Any Norwegians?”

    1. Kathy Post author

      Tom! I couldn’t mention the Oak without mentioning you. You make the place shinier. And our quest for Norwegians is ongoing. See you soon!!