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Cead Mile Failte! I hope you will enjoy my website dedicated to finding the craic in the warm and welcoming city of Dublin. I was born and raised in Philadelphia where I graduated from George Washington High School before getting my degree in education from Penn State University. For many years I did my best to teach middle school students to love reading, writing, and grammar as much as I do. I was under contract with Central Bucks School District, but now I’m a free agent. I’m as American as the day is long, but I have a deep love and yearning for a little country called Ireland. All four of my father’s forefathers were born in Ireland and emigrated for the United States in the late 1840s. (My great-grandmother was a Kane before she married a Kane. It happens. It also explains a lot about my family, if you know what I mean.) I am happy to have Irish ancestry. I can kind of imagine the Kane chieftains from long ago. I have stayed in Ireland for too many summers to count, and in the past two years I have lived in Dublin for several months in order to pursue the expertise that I claim to possess. I’m smitten with everything Dublin, and I want to help you fall in love with the place as well. No one and nothing can hamper my devotion. You are more than welcome to ask questions and leave comments.

Warmest regards,

Kathy Kane