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7 Things Lucy Could Do in Dublin

“You know how I usually dread the whole year. Well this year I’m only going to dread one day at a time.” Charlie Brown

I’m as American as Charlie Brown. My heart beats red, white, and blue. But my DNA and pieces of my mind and soul are green, white, and orange, and so I continue to love and adore Dublin. I made yet another trip across the pond on New Year’s Day to start off 2017 with a new adventure in my home away from home. And because Charlie Brown is a boy and I’m a girl, I’ll present my current list of 7 things to do in Dublin with Lucy Van Pelt, and all of the other American girls like her and me, in mind.


1. Go to the Oak and have a Cute Hoor

Meeting up with people in pubs and talking, drinking, and laughing is the essence of Irish culture, and the Oak on Dame Street is one of the most elegant pubs in the city.  Last night the Oak was beautiful, intimate, and comforting, and Hozier’s voice welcomed me in. And I just felt like saying, “I’ll have a Cute Hoor,” so a girl could always do that while she’s there. Part compliment, part insult, it’s an Irish pale ale that is as much fun to order as it is to drink.


A Cute Hoor and a cute barman at the Oak








2. Go to the Dwarf Cafe and have an affogato.

Second to drinking in pubs is drinking in cafes. The Dwarf Cafe offers an affogato – a scoop of vanilla gelato drowned with a shot of hot espresso – that is just delicious. The view beyond the picture window is the Liffey and the houses and people of Dublin.


An affogato at the Dwarf Cafe


3. Write about your adventures – good and bad – in a journal. This way you get to experience life twice.

Oscar Wilde said it best when he wrote, “I never travel without my diary. One should always have something sensational to read in the train.”


My journal – a Christmas present from my brother












4. Do something new at the Chester Beatty Library.

The Chester Beatty Library located just behind Dublin Castle offers an amazing calendar of events. Lucy could try a Chinese painting workshop, Fun with Roosters, or Qigony – a traditional Chinese form of meditation – on the Rooftop Garden.


5. Take a free acting class at the Gaiety School of Acting.

Free trial classes are offered at the Gaiety School of Acting, the alma mater of Colin Farrell and Aidan Turner, AKA Poldark. (If you don’t know who he is, you should.) “Mastering Media” is offered this Monday, January 9 and “Acting for the Camera” is offered on Friday evening, the thirteenth. Now if only Aidan might just happen to stop by…


Aidan Turner AKA Poldark








6. Walk down Grafton Street.

Even though Christmas and New Year’s Day are behind us, the lights and spirit of the season are still shining on the streets of Dublin. It’s something not to be missed.


The spirit of Christmas lingers








7. Make new friends and keep in touch with old ones.

E. M. Forster said it best when he said, “Only connect.”

And so to all of the Lucys and Charlies out there, best wishes for a happy and healthy new year!






4 thoughts on “7 Things Lucy Could Do in Dublin

  1. Beth slavish

    Love it. Glad you had a safe trip and your anxiety is behind you. Have a blast and keep on blogging.
    Just another Lucy from Barre class

  2. Amy Rivera

    Great suggestions for a girl living in Dublin for six months. There are 2-3 things that I now have added to my list.

    Thank you and happy NEW year!